Shambala Tantra Institute

What does shambala tantra have for me?

Level One: we embrace ourselves.  There are these major components:

  •   Yoga techniques such as movement, breath, sound and imagery open the doors to our deeper nature. 
  • Those who have gone before us guide our footsteps.
  • The sacred community we join provide safety for our growth.

Level Two we embrace the Beloved.

  • Profound partnership is available to us.
  • We become each other’s teacher.
  • We have community on the journey.

Level Three: we embrace Nature and our home within that.

  • Couples and group ceremonys strengthen our connection.
  • Fire ceremony connects us to offering and community.
  • The goddess connects us to the world of spirit.
  • We learning dreaming as a tool for expansion and insight.
  • We connect directly with the living things in Nature to see where we belong.
  • Solar and Lunar yogas connect us directly to the heavens.
  • Jyotish astrology brings light to ourselves, our relations, and  our world.
  • Vastu recognizes that the Earth is alive and that what we place upon it is in relationship to the aliveness.

Our Method is simple:

Learn a tool. Use it until you see its heart. Then see what happens when you make changes. What happens to other people when they make changes? What does this say about the nature of things? Does this change the understanding of your source? Does this imply other newer approaches? Try them out. How does that work? How do all of these map to Nature?

Relationship coaching

Are you ready to commit to your relationship with yourself? 

Leading the Field of Love

Staci Shree Ma, co-founder of Shambala Tantra is a Spiritual Coach, Tantric Priestess, energy healer, and community builder. She has been Tantric yogini for over 20 years, with an Enlightened Tibetian and Vedic lineage. Her passion is to inspire more Love in the present moment by presencing fun and playfulness.

our mission

Mission: Our community is based on loving kindness, inclusivity and supporting our members in becoming fully realized, sovereign beings. We offer global online trainings, personal coaching, and retreats to experience ancient made modern Tantric practices.


Our ideal students are people who are open to being like scientists, exploring and cultivating their inner landscape, while developing a deeper and more loving relationship with themselves while being part of a supportive community. Shambala Tantra feels that these teachings are important NOW as inner yoga (in many forms) will be the “technology” or programming humanity must utilize to build a more connected, conscious, and loving global community.

Tantric Astrology

Tantric yoga begins with the study of light.  The breath and movements reveal and cultivate the light of your body.  The practice evolves to include light of the stars and planets or Jyotish, the light of placement on the earth or Vaastu, the light of the spirit world or Goddess, and the light connecting all of Nature.  Jyotish shows the resonant pattern of your personal light in the world and your relationship to others.  A reading can help you find your personal power and how to use it.  Find how to strengthen your partnership and how to choose the best partnerships for you.

Kirby (Chodak)