what we do

Coaching Services

Staci and Kirby are spiritual healers rather than therapists  We are authorized through SHES, Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards.  Staci has studied and currently studies with enlightened teachers.  Kirby is an authorized teacher in three lineages and has a masters degree in psychology.

  • Spiritual Relationship Coaching – both individual coaching and couples coaching are available.
  • Spiritual Path Coaching – general guidance to help you with spiritual healing and spiritual direction in your life.
  • Spiritual Coaching for Current Students – While you are attending a training these services are offered at half price.

Jyotish – Astrology Services

The North Indian astrology chart shows many facets of your life. It maps the heavens to your body and brain. It shows the evolution of your soul during this life. It shows likely directions in your evolution. It shows significant changes during the course of your life. It shows your character, your strengths and weaknesses. And it offers ways to increase your success in relationship and your life.

The emphasis in all of these readings is the spiritual path and provides tools for navigating this life.

  • The birth chart – this is the starting point for all of the charts.  Practices to help you with both your strengths and weaknesses.  Remedies for weak areas in your chart.  And in depth views of your rising sign, Sun, and Moon.
  • Relationship chart – there are two primary questions to ask: 1) what is my capacity for relationship and how to improve it.  2) what is my compatibility with another person and how can I strengthen that.
  • Specialty charts – Annual chart, Karmic chart, Life Decision Chart, Future trends, and others.